Not Only a Saddle, A Work of Art

When you make the conscious decision to choose a Martin Saddle you may not realize you aren’t just getting a saddle, you are getting an artisan, unique piece of craftsmanship.

In a world of conformity, Martin Saddles are made the “old-fashioned way” with skilled craftsman who tool each saddle by hand. The amount of time and attention paid to each saddle is unprecedented.

Yulianna- Martin wp
Martin Craftsman Yulianna with her beautiful, custom created saddle she single handily cut, designed and tooled.

Fit, function, and value is at the heart of every saddle made. Martin Saddlery manufactures their own trees to the highest quality and comfort. Each Martin Saddle is cut from the same hides of leather to instill consistency and quality of the leather. The goal for each tree and saddle is to provide the horse full, even contact thus creating comfort for the rider.

Martin1- WPMartin is proud to have our products made from start to finish in the United States. Quality checks are at every corner and we believe that this process produces one of the most competitive products on the market, making us, The Company that Cowboys Keep.