BTR- Balance, Timing, Rhythm

A refined saddle designed to give the rider security without restriction

Martin Saddlery is proud to announce the release of the newest design of barrel saddle, the BTR Racer. BTR stands for balance, timing, and rhythm – named for the results achieved with the innovative saddle’s features. With streamlined, forward fenders that move freely and a flatter seat, the rider is able to adjust quickly from the drop to acceleration. This saddle allows you to stay in the correct position to ride the back end of your horse, unphased in the turns and in the run.


The slimline saddle is available in petite square or round skirt and has removable billets and hoof pick holder. The fenders have Martin’s new “Short Twist,” a laceless twist that gives you extra comfort and control of your stirrups without extra bulk and includes a patent pending stirrup positioning rig slot (SPRS) which keeps your feet forward like no other saddle. A rear pocketed seat and a 4 1/2″ cantle combine with a narrow ground seat through the front to give you a comfortable, secure place to stay.

2X BFA Futurity and Juvenile Champion Jolene Montgomery in the new Martin BTR

 Ask about the Martin BTR at your local Martin Saddlery retailer!

btr candid

BTR Racer Saddle Specs

Standard Gullet Width 6.75”
Gullet widths also available 6.5”, 7”
Gullet Height 8.5”
Cantle Height 4.5”
Finished Horn Height 3”
Finished Horn Cap 2”
Available Tree Sizes 12.5”, 13”, 13.5”, 14”, 14.5”, 15”, 15.5”

C-Rig Only

2 thoughts on “BTR- Balance, Timing, Rhythm

  1. Can an adjustable rigging be custom ordered on 1 I’ve wanted a Martin for the adjustable rig but my mare needs a round skirt this would be perfect if only it had right rig


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