Who Says You Can’t Have It All?

The new Stingray barrel saddle by Martin Saddlery.
The Stingray by Martin encompasses everything barrel racers are looking for in a barrel saddle.

Having it all means something different to everyone. When it comes to barrel racers and our horses and saddles, “having it all”, has seemed for the most part out of reach. We wanted to change that, and with the help of Sherry Cervi, we think we did.

Sherry Cervi and Brian Peterson had a conversation a couple years ago on a shared vision of creating a barrel saddle the market was missing. Professional and amateur barrel racers alike struggle with an array of issues on today’s high caliber horses, such as being left behind in a turn or thrown forward; placing their feet behind them and compromising correct position. An additional challenge is finding a saddle that allows for a reasonably vertical ride while still allowing a deep seat. There hasn’t been a saddle in the industry able to address and provide a solution for both problems at the same time, until now.

The concept of angles is the most import measurement in geometry. Imagine if your three major body parts are all rotated to an improved angle? Your feet are slightly rotated to the front, your hips and lower back angle are more towards the horse’s loin. The lowest point or sweet spot of your seat allows you to feel all parts of your saddle at the same time. Your backside is down and secure, the seat feels narrow and gives ample surface area for your inner leg to have contact.

New Martin barrel saddle, the Stingray!
For more information of the Stingray please visit our website or give us a call at 888-308-2386.

You can still warm up and ride in equitation, still sit up and frame your horse’s gait, but it lets you dig in deeper when you need to. You can sit in the middle, get to the front or roll back and be locked in for a secure, balanced ride.

Swell shaping allows your leg full surface contact for security, comfort and a narrow feel. This saddle helps prevent the rider from getting over the front and out of balance. It keeps you on your cantle, and behind the jerk of the horse’s stride or stop. You know where your saddle is at all times.

It provides 100% simultaneous contact for hips, lower back, legs, and feet. The rider feels surrounding security with the Stingray! It is truly a unique experience which cannot be described in words; you have to feel it to understand. It works differently than any saddle you’ve ever tried. This saddle was made with every barrel racer in mind. We are proud to release the newest saddle in our Sherry Cervi Barrel Racing line, the Stingray.

Who says you can’t have it all?

First available test rides will be available at:

The first Stingray saddles for purchase will be on display at Martin Saddlery in Cowboy Christmas, Booth #1901 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. For more information please visit our website. Follow Martin Saddlery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for exciting updates.