Jenna Beth Blair, 2017 BBR High Point Champion

We are always proud to be apart of the BBR World Finals and award the high point champion saddle. What we enjoy even more than building the beautiful custom saddle is getting to know the horse and rider we are building it for. This year’s high point champion is Jenna Beth Blair of China Springs, TX.


Jenna Beth Blair’s 2017 BBR High Point Champion custom built Stingray saddle.



Jenna Beth was the overall high point earning BBR member of 2017 as well as the 3D Texas BBR Regional Champion. She competed and earned the majority of her points on her horse, Willy Chase Firewater, aka Mardi. Jenna Beth raised Mardi as a foal and had him broke and trained to be a barrel horse. This dynamic duo had a great amount of success early on in his career only for it to come to a tragic end on November 1, 2017, when she lost Mardi to complications with colic at the young age of six years old.


Jenna Beth Blair and her gelding “Mardi” whom helped her win the 2017 BBR High Point Champion Saddle.
Willy Chase Firewater, “Mardi”




Through the tragedy, there was a silver lining that came in the form of friends who offered horses for Jenna Beth to ride to finish out the year strong. Although she was already leading the high point when Mardi passed, the season was not over and rather than choosing to give up, she finished the year strong. One of her friends that was instrumental in loaning her horses and having her press-on was Pamela Nale, the 2015 BBR High Point champion. Through the sport, they became friends and in this time of need, she had the right people in her corner to help her finish out the season. Jenna rode Pamela’s horses Jazz, Luna, and Dixie as well as three other horses owned by Bryan Taylor, Lisa Jo Velliquette, and Callie Durbin.


Pamela and Jenna Beth
Jenna Beth and Pamela Nale at 2018 BBR World Finals in Oklahoma City, OK.
Pamela Nale and “Sister”, 2015 BBR High Point Champions and featured on Racer’s Edge.


One of the best aspects of this sport is the comradery and friendship that goes hand in hand with it. Jenna Beth is a great example of that and the type of story we love to tell again and again. Barrel racing isn’t just about the sport, it truly is a lifestyle. We wish her the best of luck on her horse Monkey King Too, aka “Spanky”, whom she will be competing on this week at the BBR World Finals in Oklahoma City and know she will be riding for Mardi!

Jenna Beth

In her own words, “Hard work, goals, and determination can make dreams come true. “

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