Accessorize Your Ride

No hour of our life is wasted when it is spent in the saddle.  When we ride, we are getting away from life, thinking about life, or just riding to enjoy life.  No matter the purpose of our ride, accessorizing your ride can keep you as connected or as disconnected with life as you would like.  We at Martin Saddlery offer many accessories that will help make your ride as convenient as possible.

One of our newest accessories is the Saddle Pocket.  It is the perfect sized pocket to hold everything you might need on your ride.  It can hold your keys, phone, or even your headphones so that you can listen to your favorite tunes as you ride down the trail or in the arena.  It attaches to your saddle and stays out of your way since it is designed to go on the flank billet.  Martin Saddlery’s long-standing quality is evident in the hook-and-loop closure that keeps your things secure while being easy to keep clean.  Not only is the saddle pocket very useful, but it also has a very fashionable look.

Keep your rope close with the popular latigo rope strap (shown below).

MSropestrap (1).jpg

Never miss another phone call, text, or email while riding with Martin Saddlery’s Smart Phone Holders.  There are three styles of these high-quality leather phone holders.  These holders attach to your back cinch or can be attached with tie strings.  Having your phone while you are riding is not only a convenience, but also a necessity in case of an emergency.  The holders are fleece-lined, have a hook-and-loop top closure, and fit most smart phones up to the iPhone X.


Although we never expect anything to happen when we ride, sometimes you have to be prepared for the unexpected.  Whether you need to cut a rope, fence, or branch, Martin Saddlery’s Knife Scabbards are a vital accessory for your ride.  There are four styles of leather knife scabbards ranging from tooled leather to rawhide laced with tooling.  These scabbards attach to your belt and can hold various types and styles of knives securely until you might need it.

Time spent riding our beloved horses is some of the best time of our lives.  Martin Saddlery is sure to provide all the top quality accessories you will need to have the best ride possible.  Check out all of the accessories available at

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