Reins: Your Lifeline of Communication

Our equine athlete partners are great communicators if we just listen.  One way of communicating with our horses is through our reins.  Reins are not meant to just control our horses, but instead are a means of feeling what the horse is saying.  There are many types and styles of reins, but one thing remains the same, reins are a lifeline to communication to our horses as we ride.

Reins are vital in our horses understanding what we are asking of them.  For a horse to be responsive to our requests, the type of reins is critical.  A quality rein has some body and weight to it, which allows a horse to respond quicker as it can feel our request more easily as well as feel our release quicker as well.  As a rider, you will feel more confident in your ride if you have a great rein that is comfortable to you as well as one that is functional.


Martin Saddlery prides itself in craftsmanship that is second to none in that our leather reins have that “broken-in” feel the minute you begin using them.  We have a special process that makes the leather of the reins soft, subtle, and feel as though you have used them for ages.  We use only high quality harness leather, paired with exceptional hardware that will stand the test of time.  Our leather reins vary from split reins, roping reins, braided leather, quick change reins, latigo laced reins, plait braided reins to biothane and leather reins.

Along with our top-notch leather reins, we also offer a variety of other styles of reins.  Whether you are looking for the quick pickup and release of the braided rein, mule tape reins, hand braided nylon reins, braided nylon reins with knots, or our blended mohair barrel reins you will be surprisingly pleased with the next level of reins.


No matter the need of reins, we go the extra mile to ensure that our reins will fit your needs.  Not all reins are created equal and the feel of your communication device cannot be measured online.  Martin Saddlery specializes in a quality product that has an immense feel that is pleasing to both you and your horse.  For all of Martin Saddlery’s reins, checkout and visit your local Martin dealer to feel for yourself what sets our reins apart from others.


For Contact:
Hannah Haugen
Public Relations Coordinator

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