BTR- Balance, Timing, Rhythm

A refined saddle designed to give the rider security without restriction

Martin Saddlery is proud to announce the release of the newest design of barrel saddle, the BTR Racer. BTR stands for balance, timing, and rhythm – named for the results achieved with the innovative saddle’s features. With streamlined, forward fenders that move freely and a flatter seat, the rider is able to adjust quickly from the drop to acceleration. This saddle allows you to stay in the correct position to ride the back end of your horse, unphased in the turns and in the run.


The slimline saddle is available in petite square or round skirt and has removable billets and hoof pick holder. The fenders have Martin’s new “Short Twist,” a laceless twist that gives you extra comfort and control of your stirrups without extra bulk and includes a patent pending stirrup positioning rig slot (SPRS) which keeps your feet forward like no other saddle. A rear pocketed seat and a 4 1/2″ cantle combine with a narrow ground seat through the front to give you a comfortable, secure place to stay.

2X BFA Futurity and Juvenile Champion Jolene Montgomery in the new Martin BTR

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btr candid

BTR Racer Saddle Specs

Standard Gullet Width 6.75”
Gullet widths also available 6.5”, 7”
Gullet Height 8.5”
Cantle Height 4.5”
Finished Horn Height 3”
Finished Horn Cap 2”
Available Tree Sizes 12.5”, 13”, 13.5”, 14”, 14.5”, 15”, 15.5”

C-Rig Only

Not Only a Saddle, A Work of Art

When you make the conscious decision to choose a Martin Saddle you may not realize you aren’t just getting a saddle, you are getting an artisan, unique piece of craftsmanship.

In a world of conformity, Martin Saddles are made the “old-fashioned way” with skilled craftsman who tool each saddle by hand. The amount of time and attention paid to each saddle is unprecedented.

Yulianna- Martin wp
Martin Craftsman Yulianna with her beautiful, custom created saddle she single handily cut, designed and tooled.

Fit, function, and value is at the heart of every saddle made. Martin Saddlery manufactures their own trees to the highest quality and comfort. Each Martin Saddle is cut from the same hides of leather to instill consistency and quality of the leather. The goal for each tree and saddle is to provide the horse full, even contact thus creating comfort for the rider.

Martin1- WPMartin is proud to have our products made from start to finish in the United States. Quality checks are at every corner and we believe that this process produces one of the most competitive products on the market, making us, The Company that Cowboys Keep. 

A Finished Saddle is Only as Good as the Tree

Since 1998, Martin Saddlery has been at the forefront of saddle development. After extensive research and observation, Martin designed a revolutionary tree that has elevated the quality of finished product. We all love a beautiful tooled saddle with shiny conchos, but the real quality of a saddle is what is found inside.

Our goal is to allow more fluid movement of the horse while performing. The last thing we want is for the saddle to get in the way of a horse’s ability to perform, or to put pressure on the muscles to cause discomfort or atrophy. The design of the tree has added thickness to the bar for an even amount of contact. The points of the saddle are flared up and away from the horses back specifically for room to fluidly move and get into their stop. This revolutionary design has proven successful in several disciplines and we are working all the time to improve and stay at the forefront of the ever changing and improving horse industry.